Return / Cancellation?

1 min. readlast update: 02.28.2024

Of course you can easily return products ordered from MOTEA. Please note our return conditions. To request a return, visit our status page. Cancellation is possible within 30 days. 

Ordered a set? Then simply send us a message.  

Have you ordered your product including a return extension? Then simply send us a message.


Please follow the steps below in our instructions for the return process.

Instructions - Return:

Step 1: Please insert the printed return note into your return package!


Step 2: Please stick (e.g. with glue or adhesive tape) the printed parcel label / return label of the parcel service on your return parcel! 


Step 3: Please hand over the packed return to the parcel service responsible for you.

Please note the following instructions:

Please avoid damage and contamination of the goods.

Please return the goods with the original packaging or suitable packaging that is sufficiently protected against transport damage, including accessories and packaging materials! 

Please note that in the case of textiles such as seat cushions, the surfaces must not come into contact with cleaning agents!

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